About the author Parinaman – By Nava Bharathi.

Parinaman, Poet, aged 67. His dedicated poetry has a continuous span of 40 years.  He is inspired by the great revolutionaries of our time- Gandhiji and Lenin and by the Great ideals of the movements led by them. His poetic fire blazes the trails of Subramaniya bharathi, the great tamil bard who blessed Gandhiji and hailed Lenin’s revolutions and dedicated his life and poetry to the struggle for and egalitarian India.

A school drop out and masonry worker, Parinaman has risen to a commendable  height as a poet of commitment and creative originality. A self made man of letters, he was the president of art and literature federation of Tamilnadu, Madurai Unit and also of national federation of progressive writers of India, Madurai from 1970 to 1985

He was an editor of literary magazine “Mahanadhi” 1978-1979

He underwent imprisonment along with more than 25000 fighters demanding land to tiller  “ Peasants movement in 1970.

He has participated hundreds of Kaviyarangam ( Poetry reciting sessions) all over Tamilnadu.

He Participated in the 21 day “ Peace Walk” led by Ponneelan,( Writer and Shahithya academy awardee) from Kanyakumari to Chennai in 1982, For world peace and nuclear disarmament.

He was an  active participant- deligate to the “ Summit of North – East and South Indian poets “ held at Bangalore in 2007 -2008 organized by Sahithya academy.

His poems bear his exclusive  stamp of style – an unique mix of prosidy, folklore, lyrics and verse –libre. His poems reverberate with his power of rhythm, imagery and subtle satire. His poetry express the moods of longing and anger , of love and peace , of contemporary ordinary people of land , rooted deeply in Tamil literary and cultural traditions, his poetry is simultaneously Indian and Global./ Loud and clear are his messages, yet subdued and artistic in sharp contrary to other trends of obscurity , Rhetorics and propaganda.

No surprise, he has won tens of hundreds of readers and admirers and is very much respected and popular in the literary circles of Tamilnadu.

Parinaman and his wife Mrs. Muthulakshmi both school drop outs are proud parents. Dr Usha Krishnan, their eldest daughter , practices medicine with an MD.
and Her Husband Dr.M.Manimaran MD,DM.

K. Sarath Chandran, ( Their First Son) Is busy director of cinematography and their Second Son K.Jayakanthan is an Engineer. Worthy wards of worthy parents.